“wHenever soMetHin9 is 9aiNed,, soMetHin9 is aLwaYs Lost..

it’s diFficuLt to Live aftER soMetHin9 Like tHat..

wHat is Lost wiLL neVeR rEtuRn..

iMPoRtaNt tHin9s,, iRRePLaceabLe tHin9s..

bUt wHat is NeeDed to keEP tHose tHin9s is in tHe fiRM wiLL PaCked iNto oNE buLLet..

maN kNows tHat notHin9 wiLL bE9in uNLess hE sPeaks aNd tHat notHin9 wiLL cHan9e uNLess he MoVe.. “

sebenernya ini blog kesekian yg nah punya.. tp gara2 nah g inget sama name accountnya ataupun passwordnya jd nah bikin ja lagi yg baru.. hehehe..

kata-kata itu nah dapet dari Vash The Stampede.. tokoh utama dari anime TRIGUN.. g tw jg c,, tp nah ngerasa kata2 Vash tuh ada benernya.. g kan ada yg dimulai klo kita g ngomong,, dan g kan ada yg bakalan berubah klo kita g bergerak.. (ke arah yg bener tentunya)



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